Sylvie Dahi

When Art and Fashion mix with each other the result is an abundant universe. Passionate, creative, professional , ambitious and communicative Here is what characterizes Sylvie Dahi. Here story is worthy of a fairy tale and surrealism. Surrealism because she had never touched a needle or sew, but models abound in her head. Her passion for fashion has been born since her childhood. Clothes are for her a means of expression, the image projected to the exterior world. She believes that defining one’s style is defining one’s identity, one’s personality. Since the Sofia Antipolis University in Nice (France), where she got a Bachelor of Sciences in 1996, Sylvie never stopped making gowns. As passion she really did it. Two great fashion shows have staked her work, one in Ottawa (Canada) and the other one in Sidney (Australia). Each collection is a riposte to the previous one and announces the next one.