Merle Taylor

Merle Taylor Collection

Merle Taylor was born into a strong Artistic and fashion design background.
Self taught by Mother and Grandmother as a child how to draw, design and sew has blossomed her into the great creative designer she’s become. Attending college at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago encouraged her to take her talents to another level of designing, which became the creation of by Beauti-ful You Designs. Merle has worked in the garment industry designing her unique and extraordinary designs since 2010. Exploding on the fashion scene that year and appearing in many Chicago fashion shows such as Chicago fashion week, Live Out Loud Charity fund raising events and array of many fashion events followed. In 2014, Merle Taylor’s Collection was featured in the UK Cosmopolitan magazine for the months of August September and October, capturing the attention of many merchants and consumers who have come to love her diverse limited edition of multi-wear design clothing. What’s more is the demand that has increased incrementally for her design style clothing with popularity rapidly growing.
Merle Taylor’s design Collection is influenced by the everyday busy woman, who wants to change their look from simple to flirtatious, to conservatively elegant in minutes and create their own personal styles. Every woman wants to look beautiful, but not many have the budget required to fill a closet with elegant clothes that takes her from day to night wearing one garment. This design collection of clothing is comfortable, affordable and easy to pack when traveling.
Merle’s reputation precedes her across the greater Chicago and suburban areas with consumer confidence. The subsequent of this consumer response has given rise to future expanding more into the fashion market place and to include merchants as retail partners of the Merle Taylor Collection in boutiques, 5 Star Resorts, Cruise Lines, Casino gift-shops etc. Merle’s mission is to become one of the largest online retail multi-wear clothing collection in the nation. Supplying customers with beautiful garments that can’t be found anywhere in the Clothing Industry and create a strong online company that will exceed all of her customer’s expectations with every purchase made.